Creating Small Bird Paintings Using Acrylic Inks And A Stick

small bird paintings created using acrylic inks

Creating Small Bird Paintings Using Acrylic Inks And A Stick Introduction I love creating birds most of all and so wanted to share with you a peek into my creative process. I’ve added a short video of how I created one of my Fairy Wren birds using acrylic inks and a stick as well as […]

7 Ways To Develop As An Artist

Develop as an artist

7 Ways To Develop As An Artist Introduction   We all start somewhere! My creativity has been developing for many years and taken lots of twists and turns. For me, I started more seriously in 2014 with art journaling. I found this an excellent way to practise without needing to show anyone. It’s a vulnerable […]

How To Set Yourself Up For An Art Business – 6 Steps

Set up your art business

How to set  yourself up for an Art Business – 6 Steps Introduction Art is an emotional buy. Art is based on feelings and drawing people in. The art needs to connect with the person and the person with the art. With all this in mind, selling and marketing art is a niche market that […]

5 Ways To Successfully Create More Art

Ways to successfully create more art

5 Ways To Successfully Create More Art I used to work part time in an art shop before the lockdown. The amount of people that would wander in and make the comment that they would love to create more, but there just isn’t any time for them. We All Get The Same Amount Of Time […]

5 Steps To Unblock Creativity Quickly And Successfully As An Artist

creative art inspiration

Table of Contents: 1. What it means to be blocked – Unblock creativity 2. 5 steps to successfully move through blocks 3. Life as an artist is meant to be fun What It Means To Be Blocked Often we become addicted to looking at ideas but just don’t quite get to actually do any of […]

6 Steps To Take Your Painting To The Next Level Easily And Have Fun At The Same Time

Deb Webb Art - take your painting to the next level

6 Steps To Take Your Painting To The Next Level Easily Acrylic paints are so convenient to enjoy. They are water based and so clean up is a breeze! They dry quickly, so if you want to layer work, it is easily done. Here are some steps to take your acrylic painting to the next […]

7 Steps To Successfully Finding Your Own Art Style

7 Steps to finding your own art style

Finding your own art style is something that gets asked about so much in the art world. How do you do that? Let me tell you how I came about my style. For me, I began attending hundreds of online classes using all the mediums. I’ve tried stamping, stencilling, collage, inkpads, inks, watercolour, acrylics,oils,alcohol markers, […]

6 Challenges Of An Artist And How To Successfully Overcome Them

Deb Webb Art - Facing Callenges

Welcome to Deb Webb Art. We have been experiencing such a challenging time over the last few months. It has taught us to think differently, work differently and adapt to a ‘new’ normal. For some, the mental challenge has been extreme. It is at this time that I’m extremely grateful for my family as I’m […]