5 Ways To Successfully Create More Art

Ways to successfully create more art

5 Ways To Successfully Create More Art

I used to work part time in an art shop before the lockdown. The amount of people that would wander in and make the comment that they would love to create more, but there just isn’t any time for them.

We All Get The Same Amount Of Time

Here’s the thing, we all get 24 hours in a day. No one has any more than that. So, how is it that some people manage to fit so much in and others can barely make a sandwich? Well, that is obviously got to do with what challenges you are all facing, what choices you have made and what path you are choosing to follow.

Now, before you get all prissy about your illness preventing you or all the things I don’t understand, let me tell you this; here’s what I live by, a quote by Dr Wayne Dyer :
“ Everything you do is based on the choices you make. It’s not your parents, your past relationships, your job, the economy, the weather, an argument or your age that is to blame. You and only you are responsible for every decision and choice you make. Period“

Does that mean I haven’t faced challenges? Absolutely not. I have lived in constant paranoia in South Africa, I have been attacked, I have died and returned (obviously), I have had major depression, immigrated, have 2 auto immune diseases and yet, here I am. I live by that quote because I have the power to choose what I do with what has occurred and what may still be ahead. I am responsible for how I react to things and what decision I choose to take.

So, how can you make time for more art, you ask?

Choose to make time for more art. It’s as simple as that.

Here are some simple ways that you can fit more art into your life:


  1. If your day is busy with children, either wake up earlier to create or create after they have gone to bed, whichever works well for you. It doesn’t have to be a long time, just 30 minutes or less will do wonders.


  1. If you work full time and have much to do after hours, have a look at how you structure your day. Is there something you can lessen or give up? Is there something you can delegate? Or, could you create in your lunch break or before work?


  1. On a Sunday, create some prep work for the art you want to do during the week. So, for instance let’s say you want to paint watercolour leaves during the week. Put a little kit together with all that you will need.(including some inspiring photos or actual leaves) Make it a bit of a travel kit, so you have the option of setting up at the table, or at work during a break or at night in front of the tv. (watercolour is probably one of the easiest art mediums to do this with, but you could do so with acrylics too)


  1. If you have a special space for your art, have it all set up so that you can work on it for even 10 mins at a time, leave it and come back when you have another 10 mins to spare.


  1. Probably the most important of all, decide that you want more art in your life, make it a choice, aim your focus in that direction and work out ways to make this happen.


Check Where Your Focus Is

So you see, it’s all about focusing on what you really want, taking back your power and deciding to enjoy life with all that it offers and all that you want to have in your life.

You decide.

All the distractions around you can be wonderful and full of love, but unless you follow what makes you the happiest inside, your happy will begin to fade. Always recheck your focus and make sure it’s on the parts that really do bring you joy, not where you feel obligated to have your focus.

May you find time in your busy week to create, it really is like creating sunshine in your soul.

Take care

Deb x


ways to successfully create more art
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