5 Steps To Unblock Creativity Quickly And Successfully As An Artist

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Becoming unblocked - 5 steps
5 Steps To Successfully Move Through Being Blocked As An Artist

Table of Contents:

1. What it means to be blocked – Unblock creativity

2. 5 steps to successfully move through blocks

3. Life as an artist is meant to be fun

What It Means To Be Blocked

Often we become addicted to looking at ideas but just don’t quite get to actually do any of the ideas! It’s kind of like those people who collect art supplies, but don’t really use them!

So, you’ve filled your Pinterest with ideas of what to paint, you’ve even been doing little sketch ideas of what to paint. You put a canvas up but spend days, just staring at it. Why? You are feeling blocked. There is just no life there and you maybe wonder even, at your ability to paint. Maybe you even question why you even bother.

Being a creative is a tumultuous ride of ups and downs but if you know what to look for, you can side step these times with great success.

I paint most days but there are times when I just don’t even want to look in my art studio. I’ve had enough. I think it’s important to step away from too much of all things. It allows you to breathe, take time out, and enjoy other pursuits. This actually helps with artist block.

Now, artists block is just a term that can be used to describe that feeling of not being in the flow of how to proceed next with your art work or your next creation. I don’t like to dwell on this term as it feels too permanent! I like to refer to my trying times as a challenge, because for me a challenge is always something I can face and move through. Pick a word to describe what your blockage is to you and don’t dwell on it. We don’t want to live in this block, we just need to acknowledge it and work out how to help ourselves through.


5 Steps To Successfully Move Through Blocks

Step 1:

Go for a walk in nature, preferably amongst the trees. Pick up some gorgeous leaves, take photos of beautiful flowers. Immerse yourself in nature.

Step 2:

When you are home, grab some paper (I always use brown/craft paper) and some fluid type paint or ink and brush. Holding the brush at the top so there is flexible movement, roughly paint some of the shapes you picked up or photographed. No pressure, just for pure enjoyment of the shapes


Creative layout
unblock creativity for artist


Step 3:

Put on some of your favourite music to dance to and dance for at least 3 songs. Move all your body, feel the music. Then, grab some paper, put those songs on again and just paint as they play. Move with the music, paint with the music. Not for anyone, just for you.


Step 4:

Decide to just paint backgrounds for a while. These backgrounds will just be abstract, random and fun. Use colours that make you feel happy; use marks on your page that make you feel happy.

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Step 5:

Walk around the home and garden looking for things you can paint with… like sticks, sieves, sponges, old credit cards, plastic tops on bottles, cue tips, flowers, leaves, seedpods, etc. Just have fun finding new ways to create with these things. Some may even inspire new shapes because of their organic nature.


creative art inspiration
Creative Art inspiration


Life As An Artist Is Meant To Be Fun

So, the way to overcome any kind of obstacle, block or challenge is to change what you’re doing. Step away, do something different, create a different tradition, make a new ritual. Look at what you normally do, if it’s not currently working for you, change it. The change does not have to be permanent.

Life as an artist is meant to be fun. Sure, there are aspects of every life choice that are not as much fun, but finding the joy in life is what is most important. If you’re feeling blocked, step out, find new ways to be and focus on what brings you joy. Follow that.

I hope you get back to your creative self! The world needs you and your creativity to uplift and bring joy.

Have a wonderful, creative month.

See you next time

Take care

Deb x

Unblock Creativity Quickly And Successfully As An Artist

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