The Power Of Art

the power of art

Introduction To The Power Of Art

In this post covering the power of art, we will look at why you should have art on your walls, what drives us to purchase art, the purpose of art, what art can bring to us and finally an art challenge that you can do to test for yourself.


1. Why have art on your walls?

Imagine sitting in a room that has a couch, cushions, lamp, side tables and even a rug. It all looks beautiful but the walls are bare. There is no story there.

We are visual beings, we feel emotions based on what we see, so why would you not have something on the wall that lights you up?

Art= emotions + story. When you look at a piece of art, you are taken somewhere. It may be representative and so take you to a poppy field which helps you to calm down. The art may be a bright abstract which stimulates you and allows you to always see different things when you look at it.

You may have an affinity with flowers and so putting an artwork of flowers on your wall makes you smile- your flowers will never die. You may love the city lights and so feel uplifted when you see a painting of the city.

2. What drives us to purchase art?

Why put art up on your wall? It’s simple really. When you see an artwork that you love, your emotions take you to a story in your mind, the emotional reaction to the art transports you to another place, a place you want to be. Art = emotions+ story.

When asked why they purchase a certain painting, a lot of people say it called to them, or they just connected with it and had to have it. There are some that purchase because it matches the couch.

We all have a masculine and feminine energy around us. Very often, the masculine energy is practical and logical. They buy art to suit a couch, to serve a purpose. The feminine energy is emotive, driven by desires, touched by stories. They buy purely on emotions that an art piece brings to them, places the art piece reminds them of.

In a world where there can be a balance within us of masculine/feminine energy, we can bring both sides to the fore. When you connect with an art piece, don’t think: I wouldn’t know where to put it, rather think: I have to have it and will find a perfect spot in my home for it to live.

3. The purpose of art

When an art piece speaks to you, listen. It is helping you to remember who you are. It is helping you to open your heart. It is helping you to heal.

How often do you walk past a photo and smile with the memories? A painting can do the exact same thing. When you purchase art that you have a strong emotional reaction to, every time you walk past it, or look at it, it will give you that emotional reaction, it will help you to feel inspired, it will help you to feel love, it will help you to feel peaceful, it will help you to feel.

And so, it’s important to note that Art is of supreme importance in our world. It has the ability to transport you, it has the ability to evoke emotion, it has the ability to remind you of love.

4. What art can bring to you

There is a fellow artist who has created the most amazing paintings of looking out of windows. To me, his paintings tell a story of the possibilities of life. So if I were to put that up on my wall, every time I walked by, I would look at it and think of my life and what possibilities I want in my life.

That painting has the power to expect more from life, that painting has the power to make me question my choices. It all happens on such a subtle level that we are often just not aware of it. That is the power of a painting.

There is another artist who paints in a completely different style of rainbow type lines, crossing over lines, patterns. Her paintings can light up a space with a pop of colour. Is that all? No, whenever you see them, they make you smile, they lift you up. This is the power of art.

What about my art? The quirky birds that I create make me smile every time I see them. If you love birds, they will guarantee make you smile too. The quirkiness reminds me of how quirky and funny birds can be. It’s a reminder to keep your sense of humour in all situations. Don’t take life too seriously. Find the joy.

My abstract intuitive art can take you on a journey. When looking at it, you see different things, you feel different things and I believe you get reminded of something at the time you most need it. Intuitive paintings are paintings from the soul. They tell a story of life, of living it , of the journey of it. Intuitive paintings can also just bring about a balance that you need.

In some, you may not need to know the story, but just sit with the painting and feel the balance. Intuitive paintings often have strong healing abilities due to the way they are painted.

5. An Art challenge

We are visual beings and our minds are strong. We can calm ourselves down just by imagining something wonderful, so based on this, how amazing would it be to have a visual on our wall to help us daily?

Still not convinced? Let’s do a challenge then. Print off a picture of something that inspires you. Temporarily stick it to a wall that you often see or walk past. Then, over the next week, notice how often you look at this picture, notice how it makes you feel. When you see the effects of this, start looking for some original art to bring out all the feelings you are seeking.

Art = emotions + story. Art is powerful. Will you open your home to art? I hope so. There are many many great artists out there who can provide this truly powerful experience for you. Start now.

Find the art, support the artist, feel the emotions and live your best life. And remember, the price you pay is for the continued emotional support you will receive from the painting. It’s priceless.

Thanks for reading and supporting my journey.

Have a great day and take care until next time!

Deb x

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