Creating Small Bird Paintings Using Acrylic Inks And A Stick

small bird paintings created using acrylic inks

Creating Small Bird Paintings Using Acrylic Inks And A Stick


I love creating birds most of all and so wanted to share with you a peek into my creative process. I’ve added a short video of how I created one of my Fairy Wren birds using acrylic inks and a stick as well as some background on why I use a stick.


Table Of Contents:

1.Exclusive Bird collection

2. See behind the scenes

3. Bird painting process video

4. Painting with a stick


1. Exclusive Bird Collection

I have been working on wood panels of late, creating small birds using acrylic inks. To start, I’m creating four fairy wrens on 20cm square wood panels. These birds will be available exclusively through me, only as originals. It’s a fun thing creating an exclusive set. I’m aiming to create 12 small birds on wooden panels. These will be available on the 1st June this year. Here are the first two.


Creating Small Bird Paintings Using Acrylic Inks
Small Bird acrylic ink artworks of a Fairywren by Deb Webb Art


2. See Behind The Scenes

Would you like to join me behind the scenes? Virtually see what I’m creating, hear me talk about my artwork, watch an art book flip through…. Does this sound good to you?

I’ll also be offering original art to my collectors first, before making it available to the public.

If this interests you, I’d love to have you join me.

Just add your details below to reserve your spot.


3. Bird Painting Process Video

The other thing I enjoy doing is letting you see the process of creation. I have filmed my first fairy wren painting from start to finish. I do a fair bit of painting with a stick, believe it or not!






4. Painting With A Stick

The reason I love using a kebab stick is that it’s got a point at the end and is perfect for dragging along the ink into the smallest spaces. It also helps with creating a straight line. When the ink is just drying , you can scrape back the ink to reveal the under colour and create more texture. The stick can also be used to create dots or swirls for added interest. It is quite versatile.


creating process using acrylic inks and a stick
Creating art using acrylic inks and a stick – Deb Webb Art

Remember to join me, just add your details below.


Take care until next time

Deb x


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Creating Small Bird Paintings Using Acrylic Inks