If you love colour, intuitive art, quirky birds and animals; join me

I’ve worked through many issues with art, it has been my centre. This brings me to my mission of spreading love and joy through art, one person at a time.

My story. I have struggled with depression, PTSD and auto immune diseases. I have had a near death experience and been attacked. All these things have shaped my life and helped me to develop empathy and compassion as well as journey down the road of personal development and growth.

I have been a teacher, a metaphysical healer, a business coach using spiritual tools; tarot and angel card reader. Now I combine art and intuition with my new Soul Essence paintings that are you, your soul.

I love to create original art for exhibitions, which are available here. I also sell my art on platforms like Bluethumb, and offer some of my artworks as prints.

I’ve just started teaching again, and so am offering workshops. The fun just never ends!!

I hope you’ll join me on this wild ride of life. Grab your paint brushes and let’s have fun together.

Join me on Facebook and Instagram (@debwebbart ), connect with me and say hi. Life is all about connections.

Let’s move forward together.

Deb x



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