What is a Soul Essence painting?

You are a Soul who has journeyed across the Universe in a Myriad of ways.Your Soul Essence painting is the landscape of your past, present and future, layered with the multidimensionality of your truth and power.

soul essence art
soul essence art

Every painting is as unique as you are.

As I tune into your energy, I paint with the colours, shapes, themes and messages that are your Soul story.

What is included in your Soul Essence package?

• A 12”x12” canvas painting of your Soul Essence.

• A letter to you describing the messages, themes and guidance that were intuitively channelled during the process.

• A video of the painting process so you can journey with me as your Soul Essence painting comes to life.

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soul essence artwork

What do you need to provide?

Please provide a photo of yourself that you love, the photo should show your face clearly.

At least 6+ songs that you love, music that moves you and makes you feel deeply in your body.Keep your mind and heart open, acknowledging to yourself that you are indeed a beautiful Soul.

I so look forward to working with you.

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soul essence paintings

Deb Webb is a magical human-cosmic soul. With her intuition, wisdom, and humility, she created my Soul Essence painting bringing my multi dimensional self to life on canvas. Her ability to connect deeply into the fires of her creative essence enables her to paint with truth and clarity. With the package that she offers, she brings you on the journey of your Soul Essence creation and you experience your life journey through the lens of colour, fluid form and light language. Thank you Deb for this beautiful gift, the more time I spend with my painting, the more I merge into my I AM


Having a Soul Essence Painting by Deb was an amazing experience. Choosing photos and songs was easy, the hard part was deciding which ones to send! Then your parcel arrives and this beautiful canvas appears amongst the layers. So precious. So you. So touching. Thank you Deb for showing me the soul of me


I can’t recommend Debs soul essence paintings highly enough. From start to finish you know it’s going to be amazing because let’s face it that’s Deb. She had me laughing and crying through the whole experience and captured my soul perfectly. My painting is something I’ll treasure forever.

These are timelapses of some of the Soul Essence paintings I have painted. They are presented slower and with some text in your final video.